Dr. Waljee’s research focuses on the use of machine learning techniques to implement decision support systems and tools that would facilitate more personalized care. He is working on the development of prediction tools and decision support systems to facilitate the delivery of timely and cost-effective therapy for “High Expense, Low Prevalence (HELP)” diseases in Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

What drew you to MiCHAMP?

What attracted me is the diversity of people from many U-M schools who belong to the group. MiCHAMP is very unique. The broad expertise will allow us to harness new ideas and approaches to tackle health care issues.

What specific expertise do you bring to MiCHAMP?

The trend in medicine is to tailor treatment to the specific needs of the individual (precision care), but each individual has so much medical data. We need a more efficient way to use these data. I use computers and predictive models to provide better decision-making for tailored and individualized care, particularly for costly diseases and low resource settings.

*updated title on 2/18/2020