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Computer-Aided System Automates Coronary Angiogram Analysis

Coronary heart disease is the single largest cause of death in the United States. Currently, examining coronary angiograms largely relies on visual examination by physicians, making interpretation prone to human error. As a result, some patients are exposed to unnecessary, invasive procedures GOAL while other patients fail to receive appropriate treatments.

Projects use Big Data to predict diseases, advance genomics analysis

Researchers at the University of Michigan will use Big Data and mobile technology to learn how to predict when individuals will get diseases including depression and hepatitis C, and to unlock the potential of single-cell gene sequencing under three recently funded projects. The Michigan Institute for Data Science awarded the three interdisciplinary projects a combined…

MIDAS Announcement

The recent explosion in health data has created unprecedented opportunities for healthcare improvement.  However, traditional analytics and existing computational platforms are poorly suited for handling the size and complexity of health data, leading to few real-world examples of ‘big data’ successfully impacting clinical care. Read More…