Notable publications from MiCHAMP members

  1. Use of a Polygenic Risk Score Improves Prediction of Myocardial Injury after Non-cardiac Surgery.

    Nicholas J. Douville, Ida Surakka, Aleda Leis, Christopher B. Douville, Whitney E. Hornsby, Chad M. Brummett, Sachin Kheterpal, Cristen J. Miller, Milo Engoren, Michael Mathis
    Circulation. Genomic and precision medicine

  2. Statin intensity and risk for cardiovascular events after heart transplantation.

    Jessica R. Golbus, Sarah Adie, Matheos Yosef, Venkatesh Murthy, Keith D. Aaronson, Matthew C. Konerman
    ESC heart failure

  3. Developing a template matching algorithm for benchmarking hospital performance in a diverse, integrated healthcare system.

    Daniel Molling, Brenda M. Vincent, Wyndy Wiitala, Gabriel J. Escobar, Timothy P. Hofer, Vincent X. Liu, Amy K. Rosen, Andrew M. Ryan, Sarah Seelye, Hallie C. Prescott

  4. Cohort discovery and risk stratification for Alzheimer’s disease: an electronic health record-based approach.

    Donna Tjandra, Raymond Q. Migrino, Bruno Giordani, Jenna Wiens
    Alzheimer’s & dementia (New York, N. Y.)

  5. HRS/EHRA/APHRS/LAHRS/ACC/AHA worldwide practice update for telehealth and arrhythmia monitoring during and after a pandemic.

    Niraj Varma, Nassir F. Marrouche, Luis Aguinaga, Christine M. Albert, Elena Arbelo, Jong-Il Choi, Mina K. Chung, Giulio Conte, Lilas Dagher, Laurence M. Epstein, Hamid Ghanbari, Janet K. Han, Hein Heidbuchel, He Huang, Dhanunjaya R. Lakkireddy, Tachapong Ngarmukos, Andrea M. Russo, Eduardo B Saad, Luis C. Saenz Morales, Kristin E. Sandau, Arun Raghav M Sridhar, Eric C. Stecker, Paul D. Varosy
    Journal of the American College of Cardiology

  6. Comprehensive review of ICD-9 code accuracies to measure multimorbidity in administrative data.

    Melissa Y Wei, Luster, Jamie E., Chan, Chiao-Li, Min, Lillian
    BMC health services research

  7. Failure of Cardiovascular Phase 3 Randomized Clinical Trials to Report Pre-trial and Post-trial Parameters: a Cross-sectional Analysis of
    Alexander R. Zheutlin, Joshua D Niforatos, Eric Stulberg, Jeremy B. Sussman
    Journal of general internal medicine


  1. Use of Electronic Medical Records in Development and Validation of Risk Prediction Models of Hospital Readmission: Systematic Review

    Elham Mahmoudi, Neil Kamdar, Noa Kim, Gabriella Gonzales, Karandeep Singh, Akbar K Waljee

  2. Burst Case Scenario: Why Shorter May Not Be Any Better When It Comes to Corticosteroids

    Beth I. Wallace, Akbar K. Waljee
    Annals of Internal Medicine